Whatever we talk about it always comes down to one thing. Yup, you guessed right – that’s sex. Either we talk about it, think about it or do it, it is one of the main motivations of human behavior. It makes the world go round.

How to make sex even better experience is the topic that gathers business professionals at the international trade EroFame 2018 in Hannover. Consumer demand for sexual health and happiness is what drive the industry for pleasure products further and further every year. That’s why professionals from the field of sexual wellness and sexual lifestyle gather together on this annual event- to keep up to date with the latest trends in the erotic industry.

We needed to be there, since DO ME commits fully to the idea of quality love experience and intensified sensuality. You can imagine our excitement to be among so many people with vision and passion to bring sex life of others to the next level.

“Bigger”, “longer”, “stronger” are only few of the features that outline the experience that the industry promises. Whatever your needs and preferences, they will be enhanced and new satisfaction heights will be achieved. And who would argue with Winnie the Pooh who says “The more, the better”?

Following the idea of maximizing the experiences that matter, we put together our beautiful stand on EroFame 2018 in Hannover. And from that moment on we couldn’t stay unnoticed. Our exhibition area couldn’t just be passed by – all black with elegant design and with just a hint of playfulness, it instantly attracted the ones thirsty for joyful adventures.

Our desire to meet new friends and present our 100% natural shot drink was immense. We love those moments when we can proudly demonstrate the benefits of DO ME and the sensation that follows after consuming it. Besides the self-touched design of our love bottles, another benefit that made DO ME well received on EroFame 2018 was the fact that it is equally pleasing for both men and women. All ingredients of our herbal shot boost passion, intensify sensuality and facilitate relaxation in both genders.

Besides the expanded horizons sexwise, we went home after EroFame 2018 with something more– EAN Erotic Award for Best Product 2018. This recognition is yet another confirmation that what comes from love brings even more love.

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